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We are the Agency
of the Year in 2018
We go
We keep an eye
on small details
We see
the big picture

Boutique creative means
customised solutions

Customised solutions require a unique agency.
Why we are unique?

Because we understand that creating communication requires communication. Communication requires partners. Partners require exclusivity. Exclusivity requires high quality. High quality requires special attention. Special attention requires limited number of clients. These clients require customised solutions. And customised solutions means something more.

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Boutique creative means
limited number of
clients treated with
special attention

Boutique creative means

More and
more awards
Golden Blade Ad Award - Agency of the year award - 2018 -
Golden Blade Ad Award - 2018 -
Hipnozis Ad Award - 2018 -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award - 2017 -
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards - 2017 -
Golden Blade Ad Award - 2017 -
Golden Hammer - 2017 -
Hipnozis Ad Award - 2017 -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award - Agency of the year award - 2016 -
Golden Hammer - 2016 -
Golden Blade Ad Award - 2016 -
Hipnozis Ad Award - 2016 -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award - Agency of the year award - 2015 -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award - 2015 -
Golden Blade Ad Award - 2015 -
Hipnozis Ad Award - 2015 -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award - 2014 -
Effie Award - 2014 -
Golden Blade Ad Award - 2014 -
Hipnozis Ad Award - 2014 -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award - Agency of the year award - 2013 -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award 2013 -
Golden Blade Ad Award - 2013 -
Golden Blade Ad Award - 2012 -
Red Apple - 2012 -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award - Agency of the year award - 2012 -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award 2012 -
Effie Award - 2012 -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award - Agency of the year award - 2011 -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award -
Golden Lollipop Ad Award - 2010 -
Super Circuit Award - 2010 -
Cultiris Award - 2009 -
Hipnozis Ad Award - 2009 -
Boutique creative means
Proven track record and
extensive experience
Andreas Simon
Strategy Director
Experience in communication: 27 years and counting.
He has been worked as a creative director, strategy planner and CEO.
Springer&Jacoby Hamburg , Ammirati Puris Lintas Hamburg,
Ammirati Puris Lintas Budapest, BBDO Budapest – and now,
​Artificial Group Boutique Creative. 
Gergő Horváth
Creative Director
More than 10 years professional experience behind his
back and dozens of awards on his shelves.
His mission is to help brands to reconnect with
their consumers in the digitalised world in a fresh
and powerful way. „My goal is not just to create
​campaigns but to start real cultural conversations”
Dezső Nagy
Creative Director
Cannes Lions winner creative and strategic director
with more than 15 years experience, leading departments
at Leo Burnett and DDB Budapest.
Creative thinking is his passion - he always finds new ways
​to improve on materials, and provides daily motivation for the teams.
István Ávéd
Head of Creative Production
More than 10 years experience with advertising.
Graduated in the US in communication and photography -
responsible for visuals and design. Managing and supervising
the work of our film- and photoshootings, he makes sure that
​all creative materials have the highest standard.
Attila Haberland
Head of Creative Management
More than 12 years experience in the field of advertising
and affiliated business. He is responsible for creative process
and management. He’s constantly thinking together with the teams,
keeping up the „boutique creative attitude”.
​The result: a great many creative and effectivity awards.
Tímea Kovács
Client Service & Production Director
Almost 20 years experience - our client service
& production director started her career in 1997.
She has been working for McCann Ericson, Lintas and now
she is managing and organizing our film- and photoshootings,
​PR and consumer events.
Boutique creative means
Proven track record and
extensive experience
Artificial Group